Teazel Puzzle Newsletter #1

From: puzzles@teazel.com
Subject: Teazel Puzzle Newsletter #1
Date: June 28th 2017

Teazel Puzzle Newsletter #1

Hi there from the Teazel team.

We've been busy adding a few new features to our puzzle apps.
We hope you like them!

Dude, where's my clue?

14 across: More agreeable European resort by river's source (5)

Many of you will have noticed the changes in layout. We regularly get feedback saying its not easy to navigate around the puzzle.

So we added the left and right cursor keys around the clue, and also a tap on the clue changes direction on 'shared' cells.

That then lead to another tweak. To avoid players having to continually touch above the grid to go left and right, we brought the clue down to be just above the keyboard. Thus you can navigate around with less hand movement, and without obscuring the grid with your hand as you navigate.

It should be NICER. :-)

We also added a 'Jump to next clue' feature since a lot of people asked for that navigation improvement.

Note: you can disable it if it's not your cup of tea, in Menu -> Settings.

Pack screen

On the pack screen, we changed the red/green icons to be the actual puzzle grid, since it helps identify which puzzle you played last, and gives a quick visual indicator of progrees by how many square are filled.

iPad & iPhone

The keyboard is now always up & visible for iPhone & iPad users.

The bottom menu on iPads has been removed to make space for the keyboard, and all the menu items are now accessed via the Menu key. It is one extra press, but the bonus is there's more screen space when playing.

New packs

We've added a new pack to 'plain' Crosswords and Cryptic Crosswrds. If you find any mistakes or improvements to clues, please do let us know.

Other apps

In case you haven't tried our other apps, you may enjoy a different challenge:


Crossword Lite

Cryptic Lite

US Crosswords

Codeword Lite


Apple iOS


Cryptic Crosswords

US Crosswords




Crossword Lite

Cryptic Lite

US Crosswords Lite

Codeword Lite



13 across: Heavenly theatrical backer? (5)

We're not quite one of those, but if you have a problem or query, please email us at info@teazel.com and we'll try our best to help you.

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