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Newsletter all about Teazel's puzzles apps, including Crosswords/Codewords and the like.

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Puzzle Newsletter #8 - Guess

November 17th 2020

Hello Puzzlers, Just to let you know we have just released a completely free app new social (real social not virtual!) game call 'Guess! - Best party game' Guess the words from your friend's clues. Play using the 'Heads Up' or 'Charades' options. Great for family, friends and work - and works well on Zoom and Team calls - great for lockdown. [IMAGE] The game is free and all the categories are unlock, so give it a spin and connect with people :) [1] Guess- Teazel [2] [IMAGE] ...Continue Reading

Puzzles Newsletter Message

June 1st 2020

Hi, Hope everyone is coping well (as well as can be expected) with the lockdown. Just a quick message to say we have a new puzzle app available called "WordSlide" - a curious little game that is a bit different to what we normally do. Instead of clues, slide the letters onto the grid to build up the words, and complete the crossword. [1]Wordslide Here is a animation of the game in action. Available now for Apple and Android. [2]Wordslide iOS [3]Wordslide Android ...Continue Reading

Puzzle Newsletter #7

January 17th 2020

Happy new year and welcome to 2020. Just a quick note to say that "The Big Crossword" is now available on Apple and Amazon. Loads of people have successfully completed the Android version, and we've had lots of positive reviews, so we think you'll enjoy it. [IMAGE] Apple: [1]The BIG Crossword - Apple Amazon: [2]The BIG Crossword - Amazon It features the world's biggest app crossword, with a grid that is 103x103 and 1280+ clues. You can either play it normally or solve i ...Continue Reading

Puzzle Newsletter #6

October 8th 2019

Happy Autumn greetings to you all. Just a quick note to let you know that we have just released a new puzzle game - [1]The BIG Crossword. It is Android only at the moment, but the Apple version will be out in a few weeks. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.teazel.crossword.big It features the world's biggest app crossword, with a grid that is 103x103 and 1280+ clues. You can either play it normally or solve it Quest by Quest, where every clue has a theme. Best of all it is ...Continue Reading

Puzzle Newsletter #5

December 18th 2018

Just a quick note to say Happy Christmas & seasons greetings to you. Over the holidays why not learn how to solve cryptic crosswords? Our Learn Cryptic Crosswords app covers all aspects of solving standard cryptic crosswords, including how to solve harder clues and the ongoing development of crossword skills. It has 200+ interactive examples, 5 training grids, and 5 newspaper grids, with full explanations for each clue. By having carefully balanced sections the pace of learning is gradual ...Continue Reading

Teazel Puzzle Newsletter #4

February 16th 2018

Greetings Teazel puzzle fans, We have just released the Android version of Learn Cryptic Crosswords. Structured learning, with 200+ clues and 10 carefully crafted puzzles, to teach you the ins and outs of mastering cryptic crosswords. This app brings cryptic crosswords within your reach! Android: [1]Google Playstore iPhone and iPad: [2]itunes Cheers, Teazel P.S. - it will be available on the Amazon Appstore next week. [1] https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id ...Continue Reading

Teazel Puzzle Newsletter #3

December 13th 2017

Teazel Puzzle Newsletter ======================== 13 December 2017 Hi Teazel Puzzlers, It has been a busy few months for us at Teazel Towers. We have two new puzzling apps to tell you about. Best Cryptic Crosswords Released just last week is our new Best Cryptic Crosswords app. It's a follow-on from the [1]Best for Puzzles collaboration we did with Michael Curl. This time it's casual cryptic puzzles, and features 300 specially made puzzles from Michael. It is available for ...Continue Reading

Teazel Puzzle Newsletter #2

August 10th 2017

Hi Puzzlers, Great news! We have released a new casual Crossword app using the puzzles set by Michael Curl (Guardian setter). This set of puzzles a Quick non cryptic puzzles. If you fancy trying it for free you can get it on both Apple and Android here: [1]https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=best.quick.crossword and [2]https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/crossword/id1253492609 We also have a request for volunteers to help test one of our latest developments. We are looking for p ...Continue Reading

Teazel Puzzle Newsletter #1

June 28th 2017

Teazel Puzzle Newsletter #1 =========================== 28 June 2017 Hi there from the Teazel team. We've been busy adding a few new features to our puzzle apps. We hope you like them! Dude, where's my clue? ---------------------- 14 across: More agreeable European resort by river's source (5) Many of you will have noticed the changes in layout. We regularly get feedback saying its not easy to navigate around the puzzle. So we added the left and right cursor keys around the cl ...Continue Reading