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Christian Coloring Newsletter

Teazel's Christian coloring newsletter

Learn Cryptic Crosswords

A newsletter from Teazel all about our Learn Cryptic Crosswords and puzzles in general.

Learn cryptic crossword newsletter

December 18th 2018

Just a quick note to say Happy Christmas & seasons greetings to you. We have recently completed a major release of the Learn Cryptic Crossword app featuring lots of content improvements, plus new icon. One of the joys of learning cryptic crosswords is helping others to understand and share the passion. As a seasonal gift we are excited to offer 20% off the normal price. Just enter the code FEB20 (offer ends in Feb 2019) when you reach the purchase page. If you've already purchased the app, ...Continue Reading

Puzzles Newsletter

Newsletter all about Teazel's puzzles apps, including Crosswords/Codewords and the like.

Puzzle Newsletter #5

December 18th 2018

Just a quick note to say Happy Christmas & seasons greetings to you. Over the holidays why not learn how to solve cryptic crosswords? Our Learn Cryptic Crosswords app covers all aspects of solving standard cryptic crosswords, including how to solve harder clues and the ongoing development of crossword skills. It has 200+ interactive examples, 5 training grids, and 5 newspaper grids, with full explanations for each clue. By having carefully balanced sections the pace of learning is gradual ...Continue Reading

Teazel Coloring

Get inspired by our favorite customer pictures, and find out about the latest coloring news & tips.

Teazel Coloring Newsletter #3

March 15th 2018

Teazel Coloring Newsletter #3 ============================= 15 March 2018 Hello Coloring fans, We have just released the Android and Apple versions of our new coloring app, which we think some of you may enjoy. Christian Coloring Christian Coloring takes 50 beautiful psalms and incorporates them with professional pictures to provide verses for meditation. This app combines coloring and religious reflection into a soothing and rewarding activity. Filled in picture [1]iPhone ...Continue Reading